Research, Write, Submit – Repeat

The question is how to submit articles? We will look at 2 major strategies for submitting your articles. Where is the best place to submit the articles you have spent time writing? There are some great benefits to using your articles to drum up traffic for your website. You will need to put some thought into your end goal. If your goal is to make an income from article marketing you will need to set a schedule for submitting your work. You will also want to find the right type of media to publish your article. If you are focusing on a subject like 'informal weddings' you will not want to submit your article to a political publication. And most important know the submission rules of the publication or they will not accept your article.

The first way on how to submit articles that we will look at is manual submission. Submitting and article manual can only be done by people that have the time to do it. You basically make a list of submission sites and ezine sites that you want to submit to. Now every time you write an article you manually submit it to one of the sites on your list. All the sites will tell you how to sign up and then they will walk you through how to submit articles. The pros to manually submitting your own article is that you know where it is being posted and you have total control over the article. The only draw back is that it is time consuming.

The other way you can submit an article is by using an article submission service. Having a submission site is great if you do not mind paying a fee. It could be per article, weekly or monthly depending on your choice of how to submit articles. The service will submit all your articles for you; you can even set a schedule as to how many articles are posted per week. It will give you more time to write as well. The only draw back is that you have no control over where your articles are posted. But they are still posted to 1000's of article sites. You can get the same results from articles submission software again if you do not mind paying for the software. Both paid methods will save you time.

If you choose to submit your articles manually you will need to know where to submit them. The best thing to do is a search on Google to find the top rated sites. At the time of this writing the top 4 submission site are: EzineArticles,, and If you choose to buy a service or software then you will not have to worry about this part. It will be done for you.

There are good reasons for submitting articles to these sites. You get free advertising for your site or product. You can use your bio box at the end of your submission to add a link for people to follow. The more articles you write the more traffic you get, this builds credibility with your audience. If you do not have a website you could link your bio box to an affiliate marketing product. But it's getting to the point where you should definitely consider getting a website.

Once you learn how to submit articles you should set yourself a schedule of submitting. You should have a minimum of 2 articles per week to submit it you want to gain credibility and a loyal audience. And make sure you are submitting your articles to relevant publications.

I hope this helps you with how to submit an article manually or through a service. Good luck I hope your hard work pays off.